In this tutorial, i will teach you guys how to play GTA V on Android Devices without Root.
GTA V is the game series designed by rockstar games and named it as “Grand Theft Auto”.It’s better known as GTA and it has various Series from GTA 1 to 5 and 3 different other series called GTA VC, childwoodGTA SA and Vice City Stories.It is one of the most famous game childhood and i still play it.When i have spare time then i usually play games and one of those games is GTA V.Most of time i am outside my house because of my education.I usually play GTA V on my android device using this trick.GTA V is 67 GB and its not officially avilable to download on android but with this tricks you can pay GTA v On your mobile without loosing your space and memory.

In this tutorial i am not going to tell you how to instal GTA v on your Mobile.Insted of that i am going to teach you how to play it on android devices.I will use software which will give you access to your computer from outside to play games.

How To Play GTA V on Android Devices without Root


There are some requirements that you need.First of all you need android and conputer.In computer there must be GTA V otherwise this tutorial will not work.Android should be able to receive data in 1 mb/s speed.Having android and PC doesnt mean you can use this tutoria.The another main thing you need for this tutorial is High speed internet.I am not talking about the Internet speed of Google Or microsoft.I am talking about the internet speed atleast 1 MBPS minimum.GTA V license if you want to play GTA Online.I lunched  the giveaway for GTA V.if you want to win the giveaway then you can join the giveaway if you want.

Setting Up Software On  Computer

We are going to use software called Remotr which is avilable for free to download. The interesting Thing about this app is it’s avilable on Windows, IOS and Android.They are launching soon for linux and MAC.

  1. First of all you people have to download and install the software called remotr. You can download the software for your PC using Below download button.Creating Remotr Account
  2. Then, install remotr on your computer. After you install the remotr then you need to create your account. You must remember this account details because you have to login on your mobile with this details.Adding GTA V On Remotr
  3. Then, After you created the account click on add game and then select the GTA V folder. After That select GTA V icon and then click on ADD GAME button.
  4. Then, You will see that game has successfully added on your games list.

Setting Up Remotr on Android

As, i already said that this app is also avilable on playstore and apple app store. If you are on IOS then you can download from appstore. If you are using android then you can download it from playstore.

  1. First of all unlock your android phone and then open google play store and search for remotr and download and install it. If you can’t download using play store then use below download button to download it on your PC.
  2. Then after successfully installed the remotr app then you can open the app. It will show some ads about their app just click continue.GTA V Remotr Homescreen
  3. Now, it will ask you to login with your account. If you want to control your PC then you must login with same details.GTA V Android
  4. Now, it will show the available device just click on your device and you can  play GTA V on android.

Now, you can easily play GTA V on android device without having any problem. I just want to say that GTA V is not officially avilable for Smart Phones. This is the easy way to play it on android. If you still got any problems then please ask me on comment section below. If you love this tutorial then please share this with your friends.



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