Easily Learn How to Create Kali Linux Bootable USB and Linux Live USB creator Software’s. It will help you to make bootable USB for any Linux Operating system

Kali Linux is the world best operating system for hackers and security pen testers. There are many beginners who want to move from windows to Linux. They can also install Kali Linux tools in Ubuntu and build their hacking career. People who want to start hacking and don’t have Ubuntu installed. They want something for them to make bootable USB and the solution is making bootable USB using below method. Nowadays, Many USB drive automatically make bootable USB for windows. When you copy windows installation files on USB then it automatically makes bootable USB. Linux don’t support windows bootable USB. There is several software to make bootable USB for Linux. We are going to use one bootable USB software and create bootable Linux USB.

We are going to use software called Universal USB Installer. Universal USB Installer is a very easy-to-use application that allows you to run a live Linux distribution from a portable USB flash drive. Although Linux isn’t quite addressed to beginners but you still want to try this version of operating system, don’t worry because Universal USB Installer relies on a user-friendly approach.


There is certain requirement to make bootable USB for Linux and they are.

  1. USB Drive
  2. Kali Linux ISO
  3. Universal USB Installer
  4. Working Windows Desktop/laptop

This are some requirement for you before starting. If you have everything then make sure that USB drive is Empty. If you are running Live kali, then make sure that your USB drive is up to 8 GB. When you just want to install it then you need more than 4 GB. If there are any important files on your computer, then make sure you have make the backup of those files. If you don’t have windows PC then this tutorial is useless. You need windows desktop to install software and make bootable usb. I have divided this tutorial in several parts to make it easier for you people.


Part 1: Download kali Linux ISO

You can directly go to official kali Linux official website. Click on downloads and then download kali Linux. You can download kali Linux but there are many iso files. I recommend you to download kali Linux 64 bit.

Kali linux download

Part 2: Plug in Your USB

You need to plug in your USB on your computer. Make sure that you are using Windows operating system. If you have any files in your USB, then move them to your hard Disk. I also suggest you to use pendrive at least 100 Mbps and 4 GB or more.

Part 3: Linux Live USB Creator

Linux Bootable USB maker

There is many software which help you to create kali Linux bootable USB. In this tutorial, we are going to use Universal USB Installer. This is portable software and you don’t need to install it in your system. It is software like refus. This software allows you to make bootable USB for almost every Linux distribution.


Part 4: Making Bootable USB

Make sure to look above part before following below steps. If you have followed above part, then now you can create Bootable USB using below steps.

  1. First plugin your USB drive on your computer and then open Linux Live USB Creator.
  2. Choose Linux distribution as kali Linux and then select your kali Linux ISO file.Make bootable USB
  3. Now, choose your USB drive and then click on create button. You will see message just click yes. If you want to read that message, then you can read it. 😀
  4. Now, it will export all installation files on your USB device and make it bootable.
  5. If you still got confused, then see above video.


This is the best way i use to create bootable usb for kali Linux and another Linux OS such as Ubuntu. If you have any idea or software to create Linux bootable then you can comment Linux Live USB Creator name. If you have any problems, then drop your comment and if you want fast reply then send me your message on my facebook page. I will reply with in 2 hour.


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