In this tutorial, I will show you how to install GTA v mod on GTA SA android.This will change the game and make it look like GTA V.

Installing GTA V on android is impossible unless you play the game using screen mirror.There are millions of GTA V fans who want to install and run GTA V on their device but the size of the game is too high and need high power device and rockstar is unable to release the game for android or ios platform. I know millions of GTA Fans who don’t have high power PC are waiting for   Rockstar to release GTA V for Android and IOS too.

Rockstar currently is unable to release those games on android but there are some GTA V fans who make Mods Of GTA V which make GTA SA look like GTA V.This mod will not let you play GTA V online or mission but it will replace CJ to GTA Characters and you even can switch them if you add mod.Now, Let look at the features of This mod and I will show you how to install GTA V mod on GTA SA android.

Features of GTA V Mod for GTA SA

  1. Graphics increases
  2. Cool style cars and motorbike
  3. Added sky and water effect
  4. Franklin player
  5. HD road texture
  6. Player abilities
  7. Gta5 menu style

And much more!!

  • Graphics IncreaseGTA SA Mod for GTA V

This mod will increase the Graphics of Grand Theft Auto: SA.The Player texture and maps are high quality.It will make GTA SA looks like GTA V with high graphics and good looking text.This will not make the game looks like GTA V graphics but it will not make it low even.


  •  New VehiclesGTA SA Mod for GTA V

This Mod will add GTA V vehicles to the GTA SA. This will replace GTA SA default Cars and install new cars of GTA V.The cars will not look like same and quality is not goo but they are not even bad.

  • New Clouds

This will replace the default cloud Texture of GTA SA.This game will have new Clouds texture of GTA V.The Texture quality will be good but not like GTA V.

  • Water EffectsGTA SA Mod for GTA V

The another twist about this mod is it will replace the Water of GTA SA. This will replace water effect of GTA SA using the MOD and make it look like GTA V water.

  • New Menu Style

This game mod will replace the menu of GTA SA and make it look like GTA V. The menu style include GTA V Style loading style. It will change the background and menu of GTA SA and make it look like GTA V while loading.

How To Install GTA V Mod on GTA SA Mobile

I know you are ready and can’t wait anymore to install this mod in your android GTA SA. If you want to install this mod then you have to download the mod file. This will not work if you have not got GTA SA On your device.


  1. Make sure your phone have sufficient storage.
  2. Also, Make sure your phone has GTA San Andreas installed.
  3. Make sure you have already downloaded RAR file of mod.If you haven’t downloaded then click here to download.
  4. You need any archiving software installed on your device to open Rar file.I will recommend you to install z archive or WinRar.

Steps to install GTA V mod on GTA SA Android

Now, if you have all requirements above then you can follow below steps and easily install GTA V mods on your mobile.

  1. First, open the mod rar file using z archive or winrar.there you will see two folders.
  2. You need to click on MOD GTA v 2.0  and inside that folder,  you will see another folder com.rockstargames.gtasa folder.GTA SA Mod for GTA V
  3. Then, you have to open file manager and then open android folder then after that open data folder.GTA SA Mod for GTA V
  4. Now, extract com.rockstargames.gtasa from the rar file to the android >> data folder.
  5. Now, Afte you have completed all the steps then you are now ready to play the gta5 on your android.

I hope this article help you to install GTA V mod on GTA SA Android. If you people have any problems regarding this tutorial then please drop your comment below.

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