Hello folks whats up and today in this article i am going to show you how to download GTA V Online or GTA Online for free.Actually i am lunching the new Giveaway and i will choose 1 Winner every two month.I am lunching this giveaway in my blog and youtube and winner will announced via our twitter and facebook.This GiveAway is not scam and i will ask the winner to put the picture on their social media to prove its not the fake.You all need to complete below giveaway box.If you refer your friends then you will get additional point.The winner will select on the basic of point.Talking about the price the winner of the giveaway can earn GTA V for free.This giveAway is only for the people of Country who have good download speed.

GTA v is the online game developed by rockstar games and have over 1 million of active player.The game is based on action and adventure.If you are taking part in giveAway then you must be over 18.GTA v is adult game so you need to be qualify for it.We will track every user and who use bot will get disqualify and rejected from this giveaway.

Rules of this Giveaway

1. No bots

2. Legal Person

3. No Under 18

4.game account will provided on their facebook name

6. We have right to take back any account

7. If we found some scam on account we will delete that

8. Must subscribe our Newsletter and confirm it

9. Follow us on social media

10. Subscribe Us on Youtube

How to join giveaway?

If you want to join this giveaway then you need to follow below steps to win this giveaway.
Grand Theft Auto V Giveaway

We will choose user from our subscriber list so make sure you subscribe us using this form below.You must use same NAme to make valid entry.

How to Install GTA V After you win the Giveaway.

Congratulation,if you have win the giveaway then follow my below steps to get gta V on  your computer.

  1. Go to www.rockstargames.com and login with your account that we have sent over the email.
  2. Then click on your profile after that click on Games Downloads.Download GTA V
  3. Now,click on GTA V and then click on Download For PC.
  4. Now,Open the GTA Setup tools after that choose your country and location.install gta v
  5. Then, it will ask you for your rockstar email and password.It will take about 2-3 hour to download the games.

How many chance you have?

We will look at your IP address and Email.If you share that giveaway with your friends then you will get 2 points.If your friend use spam tools and ways then it will get into black list.We will choose 6 winner every year.1 in 2 month.If you failed to win one giveaway then you have second chance.If you use bots or something like that then your entry will blacklisted.


You need to share this post to win this giveaway.If you have some problems then please share this with your friends.If you have any suggestions then please contact me using contact us page.We will choose winner on 15th of every month.


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