Apple Anniversary Iphone with get Curved Full Screen like S8

Samsung Galaxy s8 already has been release in many place and people already got s8 in their hands who pre order the the other place people are waiting for iphone too because iphone will bring the huge change after 10 years to it’s phone design.It’s not officially said by apple but there is high change that iphone will get full screel like galaxy s8.

Apple Anniversary Iphone

If iPhone anniversary phone got the full screen like S8 then there is high chance that iphone will remove their Home Button.Many iPhone fans don’t like their recent phone Iphone 7 and 7 Plus. iPhone has gap for home button and speaker which take space and make phone look bigger.If iphone make curved screen then it will give user full sreen.

iPhone curved screen will make the phone looks awesome.There is chance that the iphone finger print sensor will be on screen instead of Home screen.Accoording to apple they said that the new iphone will run ios 11 with aster 10-nanometer processors.The Nikkei sources also said that the design isn’t finalized, and it’s possible Apple could make changes before it sends the handset to production.

Apple haven’t officially announced the name for their new iphone but according to sources the name may be IPHONE X, IPHONE 8 and Iphone Edition.If apple announce the curved screen then we hope it use the space and make iphone looks great.

Apple hasn’t commented on future plans. So it’s possible the iPhone  won’t make its way to store shelves this year. If Apple decides to release the handset, it’s believed to be planning a September unveiling.


We hope that apple will add some other amazing features in it’s new handset which make user love the iphone.We hope iphone will make it’s success in their new handset and we can just wait for their new phone release date.This time apple can’t release their new phone within the September.



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